Linked Records - not one to one

I’m making a base for photography and need to link filters and lenses.

I have one table for lenses and one table for filters. Filter size is the common factor, and I want to show which filters can be used with which lenses.

For example, if the filter size is 52mm, I’d like to show that I have both a UV and polarizing filter in that size. Also, on the entry for 52mm polarizing filter, I’d like it to show me a list of lenses I have that fit.

Can this be done?

Ack… I figured it out! This software is so cool!!!

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Hi @KFerris !

Go visit this page, you’ll find a very good tutorial to get familiar with linked records (it’s not that hard, don’t worry :wink:).

Edit: looks like you already got it, good job! :+1:

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Yup… added a lookup command to one of the tables. This is really cool! I’m planning on using it for work, but playing around learning it with personal projects. I have one base for photography, one for sewing projects, one for travel plans. Super fun! Where has this been all my life?!

It’s a great tool to work with for sure!
Glad you figured this out on your own, it’s always the best way to learn :slightly_smiling_face: