Linked Views - iOS


I currently use Airtable to manage a set of data for a number of sales reps. As I don’t want each rep to see the data for another, I don’t invite the reps to collaborate with my base; I instead have read-only views created for each of them.

If they open these links on their laptops, they have some basic functionality they can do in their web browser (filter, group, sort, seach), but if they open the link on their mobile devices (iOS), they have none of those options.

Are there any plans to add this same functionality to the iOS view that opens in a web browser? Or could the functionality be added to the native iOS app to open these views directly in it, rather than a web browser, and provide the features there?

Alternately, the ability to limit what a collaborator has access to in a base could potentially solve this, as well.


Yes please! I would use both suggestions!