Linking 2 bases

I need to link a table of 1 base to another base : is it possible?
or : how can i copy a table of 1 base to another base without retyping everything?
thanks !

Hi @Annalisa_Ferri - there isn’t a built-in way to do this as bases cannot be directly connected or share common data. Using the API, you could come up with a syncing process - either one-way or both-ways. Needs a bit of coding expertise to make this happen however.

The manual way to do this is to download the data from the table in base A and import into base B (assuming the tables are the same structure in both), but, obviously, this isn’t an automated process so someone would need to do it every time you want the data synced.


Thank you !
I understand
Simpler question
How can I download?
I tried with CSV but I presumed I had to convert it to excel ., to paste it to the other base
I did not tried to import it as a CSV

Hi - you can download from a table here:

To import, you can create a new table by importing a file (csv or other formats), but this is more of a one-time deal. If you want to import regularly, you can use the CSV Import Block (although you need to be on a paid pro plan for access to this)

Hope this helps!

Thank you Jonathan
I will try with the block

I have a Pro license

So it should work

I wil try tomorrow

Thanks :pray:
Annalisa Ferri

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