Linking 2 Sheets


I’m trying to create a base with two sheets in it to track my online subscriptions, ie:
TextExpander etc

However while I’ve used the linking to other records feature before I just can’t get my head around another way to do this as Airtable doesn’t let you link primary fields and the record that makes the most sense to me in both sheets is the name of the product/company

So for example 1Passwords AgileBits and TextExpander is Smile Software but with my Ancestry subscription the company is also called Ancestry.

For clarity the main sheet is going to list “Software, cost, date of renewal and is the sub active or not” the second sheet was going to have company details ie support phone/email and notes on how to cancel the sub if I should want to.

How would you go about linking these two tables?


Just add a Company field of Linked Record type on the Software table (this will create the corresponding one in Companies).

I don’t understand this. You link Records, representing in this case “a Company makes a Software”, you does not link fields. The records are represented by the Primary Field, and that is what you see on the Linked Record field. If you need some other data from Companies in the Software table, you can use Lookup fields (let’s say you want to see the support contact email).

Also, you can’t have the same record in both ‘sheets’, I don’t know what you meant :man_shrugging:


I’ve made the base but I now have a primary field of product and another linking field with company name which to be honest is most often the product name anyway so for 1Password the record literally goes “1password” “1Password” cost/renewal date etc. It’s not perfect but as mentioned I couldn’t see a way around it


I don’t know what you need. If you want a way to hide the company name in the Software record when it is the same, you could hide the Linked Record field to the Company, and make the Primary Field a formula that checks that, something like:

Name & IF(Company != Name, ' - ' & Company)

Of course you need first to create a Name field to copy the existing names on the Primary Field.