Linking 2 tables so that one table is a summary of the other

Table A contains individual evaluations of project performance. I want to create Table B that summarizes the evaluations by Project Team (average of individuals’ responses for a specific project).

Table A fields include: Project Name I Year l Responses to Evaluation Q’s

What is the best way to link both tables so that individual responses for a specific project automatically appear altogether in 1 cell in Table B?
Below are the tables that I hope to create. All the separate responses in Table A to autopopulate in Table B according to the projects they are linked to so that I can average all responses by projects in Table B.

Were you able to get this working, or are you still looking for help to set this up?

Still looking for help!

That’s your answer right there: link both tables. Right now you have a formula in [Table A] that creates the project name. What you need is a link to that project in [Table B].

From what I see, the entries in [Table A] are coming from a form. Could you let people choose the target project from [Table B] in that form?

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Thanks for the help @Justin_Barrett!

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