Linking a field to multiple tables in order to create a summary

Summary of records across multiple tables.


I’m working on a setup where I have several tables for projects and one Summary table where I want to have summaries from all projects. The way I imagine it, Summary tab would contain one record per project.

Here’s the scheme of how I imagine it. My product is actually not about ‘projects’ and ‘tasks’. I’m using this for the sake of example.

In the Summary table, the four fields are Count fields. One for the count of all linked records, the remaining three have a condition to filter by status.

The problem that I encountered is that the fields in the Summary table can be linked to one project table only. So it looks like I can’t have records for different projects.

I looked for existing answers but in what I found the initial base designs were different, so I couldn’t locate a solution that I could use. Please let me know if it was discussed before. I’d think it must have been discussed. I’m open to different base designs.

I should add, perhaps this is best solved with a Scripting block. Still, I’d like to know if it’s possible with just linking tables and records, as an option.

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