Linking A Record to Different Tables Based on it's Selected Category(ies)


Is this even possible? I tried sifting through all discussions but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for.

Basically I have a list of incoming projects that I would like to link to different pipeline tables based on what categories I assign to them. I have 4 pipelines it can fit into and when I see a new row created I would like to select the pipeline it fits into and have it linked to that table.

Filtering the view won’t work for my needs because when the records are added to the table, I have a zap setup that creates a project using a template for that specific pipeline.

Hope this makes sense and maybe there is some workaround I haven’t thought of?



In your Zap to create new projects in a specific pipeline table (based on the category of the project) ---- Take the record ID you get when you insert the record into the project specific pipeline table, and assign it to a record-link field of your “Main table”.


Thank you for your response! Can you explain your workaround a little more?

Let me elaborate a bit on how my base is set up. Projects are submitted through Paperform and are populated into my main “Project Submission” table. From that table, I select a pipeline from a drop down list I’ve created. From there, I would like for that record to be automatically linked to the corresponding pipeline sheet I have in that base. For example, the project request comes in, I choose “Capital/Design” as the pipeline, and ideally that record would be linked into the Capital/Design table I have created.

Does this all make sense/could something still be set up? Thanks! :slight_smile: