Linking a table to another table in the same base

Hi I’m newish to Airtable and I haven’t got to grips properly with Linking. As a newbie I’m using the ‘free’ version of Airtable. Do I need to have a paid account to link tables? If not please help, thank you very much in advance.
Mike Scawen

HI @Michael_Scawen ,
You have access to everything you need in the free version.

Lets say you have 2 tables. the first one called People, with a field called names. Another table called pets with a field called Pet Name.

In the People table, add a new field that is type Link to a Record. Choose the Pets table. Now click into the new linked Pets record for the first person in the list and choose a Pet.

Now both tables are linked to each other. You can no add Lookup type column if you want to pull in more data about the pet other than name.

Many Thanks for your advice and time. It seems I was on the right track but your confirmation is helpful and confidence building.

Good Luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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