Linking Columns Through Automation

Hi Community,

I have a table A, which has 3 fields. Field 1 is Name, Field 2 is Role, Field 3 is Skill-Level.

Simulated data for Table A:
John, Singer, High
Michiel, Pianist, Medium
Zule, Guitarist, High

Table B has 3 fields. Field 1 is Name, Field 2 is Phone Number, Field 3 is Email Address.
Simulated data:
John, 12345,
Zule, 67891,

Question: is there a way to ensure that when I add any new record in table A, only new records in table A with Skill-Level = High are automatically added to table B?

Having combed through Airtable’s functions, I am sensing that this is not possible without using Zapier or Integromat or some JS code but I hope to avoid these options. Please advise, thank you!

You could do that with an Automation, but may I ask why you have two separate tables for this instead of just using filtered views?

Hi Kamille,

It is more for a strategic purpose, where not all entries in table A would be in table B, although they would share some columns.

Then my recommendation would be to have one table with two (or more views): one view with all records and all fields shown, and one view that is filtered to show only records where {Skill Level} = High and with certain columns hidden.

Again, you could store this subset of data in a separate table and use Automations to link records together, but it does not sound like your use case makes it necessary to rely on this more fragile solution.

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