Linking Data between tables


Hi There!

I have a table that tracks all my “Projected Opening Dates” for each project (each project is a record.)
The other table has all the tasks needed to be completed for an individual project.
I would like to link the “Project Opening Date” from a record a field within the individual project table.
Bonus points - if i change the date on the tracking table, the linked table would automatically change.

Right now if I try to link the date within the record, it only shows up as the Title of the record, not the date i want to reference within that record.

Thank you!


I think you need to put the opening date as the primary field on your table and not the title of the project and then link that table to the other…

But I’m not sure if I understand you correctly :thinking:


You got it right, I don’t want to do that though, it would make things much more confusing for me :frowning:


Getting the date to show from a linked record is simple - just use a lookup to find the “Date” field in your Projected Opening Date linked record:

Being able to edit the date from either table is more complicated, but I think it’s doable. It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s doable.

Create a field in your Projects table for Overriding the date (a “Date” field you will use to change the date from within the Projects table):

In your Projected Opening Dates table, you’ll need two additional fields (assuming you are already linking a Projected Opening Date to a Project):

  1. A Lookup field to find the “Projected Opening Date Override” from the Projects table
  2. A Formula field that uses the “Override” date if it exists, and otherwise uses the “Date” entered there (I called mine “Official Date”)
IF({Override Date Lookup},{Override Date Lookup},Date)


Lastly, you’d want to change the “Projected Opening Date Lookup” in the Projects table to lookup the “Official Date” instead of just the “Date”:

Like I said, it’s not ideal, it’s not pretty, but it’s the only way you’d be able to edit the date from either table.