Linking Fields to reference Fields from another Table


I have 2 tables I’m using to manage my blog content. Table 1 is for creation of content, and Table 2 is for promotion of that content.

The first two fields for Table 1 is “Blog Post Name” and “Blog Post Status”.

I am now trying to edit Table 2 to reference “Blog Post Name” and “Blog Post Status” from Table 1 for the first 2 fields in Table 2. These first 2 fields always need to be the same between the two tables. I want it so when I change anything in the fields “Blog Post Name” and “Blog Post Status” from Table 1, that it will automatically update in Table 2.

I’ve played with the linked fields options but this doesn’t seem to be doing what I want it to.


You don’t mention what linked field you use to tie the tables together. Assuming its something other than “Blog Post Name” or “Blog Post Status”, you can simply define those fields in Table 2 as LOOKUP fields drawing from the fields of the same name in Table 1.