Linking more than 2 fields/reusing labels

Hi, this follows on from another question (here: Can I bulk-add labels?). I am sure my terminology is all wrong here - possibly why I can’t find the answer to this question already! Probably best to ask in example form.

Within a base, I have one table for organisations (their contact details, names associated with, countries they work in, issues they deal with, actions they have taken) and one that details specific actions (date, country of concern, issues involved, etc). The field for actions taken in the ORGS table is linked with the different actions on the ACTIONS table.

I’d like to have the same labels in the “countries” field on the ORGS table show up in the “countries” field in the actions table, and similarly with the “issues” fields for both. Ultimately we want to be able to click on one of these countries and see everything - all orgs who work there, all actions that have been taken there, which orgs have participated in which actions there, etc.

So, on the “countries” field in the ACTIONS table, I’ve changed field type to “link to another record”, chose the ORGS table, and a list of field options came up – we choose “countries” – basically assuming that then the same list of countries available in the “countries” column on the orgs table will come up. But that’s not what happens – we get a list of organisation names instead (and an extra field appears, too, for reasons I can’t figure out).

We just want to use the same labels and make everything cross-referenceable.

Any guidance on either solving this, or even just on the correct terminology for it all?

Thank you in advance!

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