Linking Multiple Attributes to a Record


I am building a music publishing catalog using Airtable. Music Publishing is very complex due to the many songwriters and ownership splits in the form of %'s for a song.

I am creating a “Compositions” table which track the details of of each song to identify each songwriter, what role they played, and what % of ownership each songwriter is entitled to.

My Question
How do I capture the following scenario in a table to attribute the correct % of ownership to the correct songwriter on each song on the table? Even more complex, a songwriter can play multiple roles of writing lyrics and music.

Example Scenario:

Song: Manifest Prosperity

Songwriter 1: John Doe
Lyrics: 100%
Music: 33.33%

Songwriter 2: Jane Doe
Lyrics: 0%
Music: 33.33%

Songwriter 3: John Doe 2
Lyrics: 0%
Music: 33.33%

There should be a total of 200% - 100% for lyrics and 100% for music.

I am new to Airtable and eager to learn and build this catalog. Anyone interested is more than happy to join!

Todd, you already the % of ownership, right? If Yes, I’d create a Field (column) for Lyrics% and another for Music% and fill in the blanks. (Hopefully you can just import a csv with that data. Using Percent Fields should sum it for you.) I hope this helps and I’m eager for a different solution as I, too, am new at this. John

Hey John,

That’s a simple answer that I guess I overcomplicated in my head. I think that’s pretty straight forward and simple! I’ll try it out!

Todd, I hope it worked. I too have made it more complicated than necessary while switching from ‘Excel thinking’.