Linking Multiple Records via Form or API


I’m developing a relatively simple app using the API, and I’m stuck on one thing - passing back the value of one field (Link to Another Record) when it contains more than one item.

So here’s the use case. I have a list of items, all of which have one or more tags. Via the API, I’m adding to that list of items and adding tags to the item.

If I pass back a single tag, it’s no problem. If I pass back a list of tags, only the first tag ends up in Airtable. If I pass back the list of tags as text, it shows up as a new single tag.

Is there a syntax that I can use to format the contents of that field that will result in two linked items in the Tag field?

Is this confusing? It feels confusing.



Aaaaaand… the answer is commas. Commas.


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