Linking Multiple Tabs into One Table

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to update records from multiple tabs into one single tab automatically.
For background, I have a base with multiple tabs in accordance to my org’s departments. Every department has its own unique deadlines in accordance with a program/task.

Is there a way to:

  1. Create a link, automation, or script to take all of the deadlines from the multiple tabs into one overview tab automatically? That is, every time a new deadline is created in the individual department tabs, it will automatically transfer that date into the overview tab.

  2. Create/update records from the individual department tabs and include them in the overview tab?

I had a free consultation that ultimately expired so any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Sure, it sounds like you could do all of that with Airtable’s new automations feature!

Although Automations are still new and are still being tested — so if you’re looking for a no-code automation platform, I highly recommend Integromat, which gives you a lot more control & customizability & power.

Also, if you know JavaScript, you can code your own custom automation script in Airtable.

Lots of options for you!

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