Linking one table to multiple rows

Hello! I’m trying to find a way to link 1 table to multiple rows in another table within the same base. For example –

The first table in the base lists all of our customers (one per row). Another table in the base includes all of the action items that should be done for each customer (they are all the same). Is there a way to link the action items table to each customer, and further, allow for items to be checked off as they are done for each individual customer, without impacting those of another customer?

Thanks in advance!

You cannot link a “table” to a record. You link record(s) to record(s).

What you describe is a many-to-many relationship, so what you need is a Junction Table.

There are scripts that help you create all the necessary junction table records (every task for every customer) like this one:

As well as this app developed by myself if you want to create future junction records (or whole junction tables):

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This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

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