Linking our company Airtable bases to our vendor Airtable bases


Hey there!
Anyone know how to link Airtable bases? We have project requests that come into our company Airtable Base. Right now we have a zap to help those request copy into our vendor Airtable bases… but we have to manually update both bases as status and info change. I would love to find a way to link these bases so when one project is updated in the vendor airtable base, it automatically updates the project is updated in our company base. Anyone know how to do this?

  • the vendor airtable bases were created and owned by us, not our vendors


Thanks for asking this question! I am interested in similar functionality, namely understanding if there’s an ability to write data from one Base to another base serving as a ‘summarized’ reporting base within Airtable itself (and not have to use Zapier)