Linking Pie Chart colour to record colour

Currently the pie chart chooses it’s own colours with no input available from users.

It would be helpful to be able to use the same colours that the field uses in the table format. For example, if I have a field titled “Priority” where “High” is Red, “Medium” is Orange, and “Low” is Yellow, I would like a pie chart with “Priority” as the Categories field to be coloured such that the fraction representing “High” is coloured Red, “Medium” Orange, and “Low” Yellow.

I think that extending the colour selection from the record level to the presentation level would represent a significant improvement to what it probably Airtable’s greatest weakness.

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A year or so late to reply here but totally agree and it’s a real shame this hasn’t been addressed yet. I’m just learning to use Airtable, starting with personal spreadsheets (in this case, wardrobe items) and now I’m experimenting with the chart application, this seems like a massive oversight: