Linking Race Results to a Runner Across Multiple Tables?

Relatively new user here, apologies for what I think is going to be a rather basic question.

We have race results from a series of races as .csv data. The columns are: place, name, bib number, time, pace, gender, age group, and town.

What would the correct way be to upload and arrange these five or six different.CSV files so that a runner can search their race results across multiple races?

I would like to make this data available on my website via an embed and allow runners to search by their name in one spot and receive the results from multiple races.

Any advice welcome.

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Recommendation : Use Race Number as part of the csv file and combine all csv files into one file to store all the race results into one table.

I am not able to post the link. so prepend airtableDOTcom in the beginning of the following link.

Check out the base :


Free users might not be able to select existing table for import of race results.Combining csv files into one file will help keep imported data into one table.

I am able to post complete link to Race-Results base.


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