Linking Record with Zillow API

Hi any way to pull the property data from Zillow API into a record? Would show picture, house info, and then you can link to the site to get more info…

Won’t let me post Zillow API instructions, but it’s on their site.


You’re not able to link yet since you’re new to the community.

If you want have real-time updates of the data, you’d use integrations or Airtable’s API with some sort of web application running it.

Hi @A_Bevans -

I’ve done integrations with the Zillow API , so feel free to ask more detailed questions.

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Hi Bill, I’m working on a similar project to this. If I have a ZWS-ID and ZPID from Zillow, what’s the simplest way to either pull the XML file into Airtable or make an API call from Airtable?