Linking records across multiple tables


Hello all! I’m trying to link a couple of inputs across three tables and really struggling.
I have one table for Research Timetable, one table for Research studies, and one table for Panel members.
The Research Timetable auto-populates with the participant’s name and the name of the study (as well as some other information). I’ve set up a link between the Research timetable and the Studies table to auto-populate the participants into the studies table so we can see who will be participating in each study. I also want to link this to the Panel Members table to see what studies the panel members have been involved in.
Every time I try to link the one record to multiple tables it deletes the previous link. Help please!



I’m not sure that I have understood your base, but you need to create a link for every pair of Tables you want to link.


Is it possible to link data across three tables? So rather than just linking the pair, I can link link the data from research timetable into Studies and also into Panel Members?

(the base is for UX research -we’re working on an efficient way to track panel members, participation in studies, when studies are taking place, etc)


That makes no sense to me. Links between tables means relations, and in database that is for 2 tables. If you want a relation for 3 tables, like in a shop’s sale (a Salesman sells Products to a Customer), you need an auxiliary table for the Sales.

I would do:

  • Link between Members and Studies
  • Link between Studios and Timetable
  • Link between Timetable and members

You can hide any field you don’t want to se, and you want to “bring” any value from other tables with the Lookup and Rollup fields. Even maybe you only need 2 relations so you have the 3 tables “connected”.



It might be easier for us to understand what you are trying to accomplish if we could see the current structure of your base. You could create a read only share (allow copying data) and either post the link here or in a private message to one of us so we can take a look at your base. If you need to, you can duplicate your base, deselect “Duplicate records”, and then share a link to the duplicate in order to keep sensitive data out of your shared base.

Thank you