Linking records bug

Why can’t I see all of my records linked into one field where there’s 10+ records linked?

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Welcome to the community, @Santiago_Padilla! :smiley: Are you sure that all records are linked? When adding a link to a field, you’ll see a list of all possible records that could be linked in the target table, but selecting one record only links that single record.

Does that help, or do you still need further guidance? If it’s the latter, please share as much detail as you can about the design of your tables (specific table and field names are preferred) and what exactly you’re trying to accomplish. The more detail you can share, the easier it is for us to help.

We are having this problem as well. Some devices can see all records and others can only see 10.
Very frustrating.
Yes this is with people with the same permissions.

This is a problem with Version 3.16 on Iphone. I just updated and can only see 10 when the groups are 10+
People that did not update will not have this problem.

Welcome to the community, @Jason_King! :smiley: If you’ve confirmed this behavior by comparing different versions, please contact Airtable support directly to report your findings.

I can confirm that this is a bug in Airtable for iOS. Please report to, and hopefully they will fix this ASAP.

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