Linking Records Creating Duplicates

I have two tables- recipes and ingredients. The recipe table contains a separate column for each ingredient item (e.g., tomatoes, fettuccine and cheese). The recipe information was pasted in from excel, and then I converted those columns into linked record fields, linking back to the ingredient records. I then used the lookup function to grab the product ID from the ingredient table record and add it into a new field in the recipe table. This worked fine except that for 9 ingredients, new, blank, duplicate records were created back in the ingredients table.And for those 9 ingredients, the lookup function failed, since Airtable was pulling the product ID from these newly created duplicates.

I see that for one of these items, it’s a naming issue. But for the other ones, I can’t figure out what’s going on. When I click on an individual record, I can search and find the correct record to link to, but I have hundreds of recipes and would prefer to not do this manually.

Anyone have any ideas about what’s happening?

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