Linking records in one database, retain multiple choice field

Hi Community,

New user here, so apologies if I am not using the right terminology.

I have a table with multiple records.

In one record, one of the fields is a multiple choice list of camera brands. i.e Nikon, Canon, Fuji etc.

In another record, can I somehow ask to show JUST those that have the multiple chose answer - Canon, for example.

I have been playing with record linking, but it seems I then can’t retain the multiple choice option?

Many thanks!


You can choose either one, not both.

Workaround would be to use third party apps like zapier or integromat, having extra column and then using it for multiple option field.

Hi @David_Grover - I think this is what you are after:

i.e. your choice in the first field limits your selection of options in the second field. So, as per @W_Vann_Hall, it is possible with a good bit of table wrangling. This doesn’t come out of the box, unfortunately.

This might not work for you and isn’t a “conditional logic” approach, but an alternative is this:

Create a new table to hold your make/model combinations:

Back in your primary table have a single link field to this table:

When users want to make a selection of make/model, they get the link record pop-up, which also allows them to search:

so, if you do a quick search on “Canon” for example, you pretty quickly get to a smaller set of models to choose from.

This approach also has the side benefit of easily showing you the number of make/model combos that have been chosen, if that stat is important to you.


Thanks for the suggestions Guys!

I will try these out. :slight_smile: