Linking records


Hi…I run a farm. In one table I want to track how much produce I’ve harvested. I then would like to be able to track how much of that went where. For example, I harvested 20 bunches of carrots…3 went to a CSA, 2 went to Restaurants, and 15 went to farmers market. I’d like to have a table where i can see my 3 outlets but still be able to see how much it was all total. How can I go about linking these and getting set up? I have a small understanding of airtable (still somewhat new) but I think I’m going round and round in my head and confusing myself. Thanks!


I need to know a little more about what you’re trying to track.

For instance, the easiest way to do what you describe would be to define three numeric fields, {CSA}, {Restaurant}, {Market}, and a formula field, {Total}, with the formula

SUM({CSA}, {Restaurant}, {Market})

Since you’re specifically asking about linking records, I assume that doesn’t suit your needs.

Ae you looking to have a table recording CSAs, with records of sale of each produce item to each, plus a table for restaurants and a table for farmers markets, and a way to total all sales for a produce type? Is the amount of produce harvested known up front, and you wish to reconcile that total against the amounts shipped, or do you arrive at the total only after summing shipments? Are you interested in knowing what produce went to which restaurant, or do you care only how much went to restaurants in general?

If you can let me know a bit more about your needs, I can better make recommendations.