Linking table one-to-many relationship

Hi, Im new to airtable as I see it looks better than excel for doing table and database.
I have issue with linking table that has one-to-many relationship.

I have Movie Database with 3 tables; 1. Movie, 2. Genre and 3. MovieGenre.

  • MovieGenre stores relationship of Movie and Genre. where 1 movie can have multiple Genre.
  • The way I structure the table like below
  1. Movie_Table
    MovieID | Title
    01 | Jurasic Park
    02 | Indiana Jones

  2. Genre_table
    Genre_ID | Genre
    01 | Action
    02 | Adventure
    03 | Fantasy

  3. MovieGenre Table
    MovieID | GenreID
    01 | 01
    01 | 03
    02 | 01
    02 | 02

I imported those 3 tables from excel. Now, what I want to do is to have Genre on my MovieTable, which populated automatically. I try to link Movie_table and MovieGenre, however what is shown/populated in Movie table is only 1 GenreID. it takes only the top GenreID, while expectation that it should populate those 2 GenreID for the Movie
Am I missing something here?

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