Linking tables after creating a new record using Zapier

Hey! :wave: I’m troubleshooting an issue with my base setup, and a bit stuck.

Some context:

  • I have a base with 2 tables: TV Shows and Episodes

  • The TV Shows table includes different shows (duh), while the Episodes table includes some metadata about the individual episode

  • The TV Shows table is populated by Zapier, which pushes new episodes to the base using an RSS feed (Create Record)

  • The RSS feed does not include the TV Show it belongs to. Thus when the record is created in the Episodes table, there is no corresponding TV Show field that would allow me to create a linked record to the Episodes table.

I’m basically trying to figure out how I can automatically add the TV Show field to a new record when it is created in the Episodes table.

Ideally, Zapier would allow me to manually add the TV Show to the zap that is triggered to create the new Airtable record. And now that I type it out, maybe it’s more of a Zapier problem than an Airtable problem :)… but will create the topic anyway in case somebody has ideas.

Cheers! :raised_hands:

(ps: @Aron said to tag him in this when I posted it :wink:)

Maybe there are some hacks to solve this on the Airtable side, but looks like it’s predominantly a shortcoming with Zapier right now not pulling show-level data into its RSS widget.

x-posted the topic over on the Zapier forum:

Hi @Jesse_L,

How do you know which show this belongs to? If it is the same word for example you can use Split in the Text Formatter. It depends on the data you are receiving from the RSS feed.


Hey Jesse,

Seconding what Mohamed said above, there must be some information on the show in the episode information you’re getting from RSS. If that’s the case you can use formatter steps in Zapier to locate it (may require some regex logic) and then find the right record in the Show table (using a search step).

Hope that helps


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