Linking tables and tallying results

I am getting close to getting this right but need help with one aspect.

I have set up two tabs, one tab has responses from my questionnaire and another is going to chart the results.

When I have a field that reads a certain word from my response table “ie, red” I want it to tally in my chart tab as 1 response was “red” I have linked the two charts but this isn’t automatically populating, can anyone assist?


Welcome to the community, @Kristin_Rose! :smiley: You say that you have “linked the two charts,” but I’m not sure what that means. Airtable’s linking is done on a record-by-record basis. Using the link field type, each record may contain links to one or more specific records in another table. There isn’t a way to link an entire table to another table, so chances are your link setup isn’t designed correctly. Could you please share a bit more about the design of your base? If you’re able to include screenshots, that would be extremely helpful.

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