Linking Tables - Automatically Filtering

Hey guys,

I’m trying to create a workflow for myself which is ultimately a To Do list. I have 3 different tables which uses zapier to bring in new/updated tasks from Asana and google calendar.

I need to create a master table in this base which filters all the tasks in the 3 sheets of things to do in the next 7 days and then populate them in the main master sheet for me to see an overview of the next 7 days.

How can I do this? as when I do a simple ‘link to another record’ it doesn’t automatically populate the data which is what I need :slight_smile:


If you want a master calendar table, the date field in all three tables should be a Link to Another Record pointing to the [Master Calendar] table.

If each of your three non-master calendar tables has three fields (i.e. {Start Date}, {Description}, {Task Owner}), the [Master Calendar] table will need a Date Field field for the primary key, and 6 Lookup Fields pulling the three sets of two other fields from the other tables.

Then you’ll want another two Formula fields that consolidate the three sets of data like so: IF({Table 1 Description},{Table 1 Description},IF({Table 2 Description},{Table 2 Description},{Table 3 Description}))

Actually, @W_Vann_Hall (as always) has made a demo base that I think addresses your problems: