Linking Tables- Still Don't get it

Can someone please help me! I’ve spent way to much time trying to get my information in a base where it links correctly and I’m not hiding 10+ tables that are linking back. It seems every time I try I am getting different information in the table than what I am needing, so I change the name of the table. Then I notice it’s duplicating the records at the bottom of the other records. Or I have so many linked tables across my base that I’m hiding more than those that are visible. Then when a new record is added, I’m linking it to so many different places its a pain!

Maybe what I am trying to accomplish doesn’t exist?
Maybe I’m overthinking it? I’ve read through tutorials, taken @W_Vann_Hall advice and example on uploading CSV files but it’s not coming across in the most efficient way. Please help Me!

Here’s what I’m doing - if someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong:
My Dashboard (the main base, that I’d like to hold a linked record to all other bases, which I’d think would eliminate the double linking back and forth)

Dashboard Info holds:
customer name
customer address (links to customer)
PO# (links to customer)
estimate (links with PO# associated with customer)
Supplier (links to PO#)
Photos (links to PO#)
etc. (all linked to the PO#, as each customer can have several PO#s as these numbers never duplicate)

On my order table it looks like this:
PO# (placeholder so I can search when linking)
Customer name (linked to the database)
basic, non-linked tables for status referencing
Supplier, manufacturer, accounting, shipment, order - all of which are linked back to the database.

Problem is when these fields are hidden to keep it simple it’s not linking unless this information is filled out. So I feel like I’m linking in circles or typing the same information over and over again.

I know Rollups and Lookups are available - but it doesn’t seem to link my information from the database.

Ideally, I think I should be able to open the database and type in a customer and “run a report” to see:
whose ordered

But I’d have to filter each linked table with this PO# because each number doesn’t just link to everything.

If drinking was allowed in the office…today would be the day haha.

Look at the example I made based on my understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. What’s missing (and where should the missing items go)?

Thank you @Kamille_Parks. I’m going to input some information in to see if it works.

Hi Holli,

if you still need a hand I’m happy to jump on a call and have a look at what you have done and where it’s going wrong, email me at or just book a meeting time that suits and I’ll be there!

@Kamille_Parks This is exactly what I was needing. It was broken down in a manner where I understood the linking process too, so I can re-use this information later. Thank you so much. @Kris_Hogh, thank you for offering your assistance.

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No problemo! Happy to help anytime!