Linking the content of a cell to the content of another

Hello there,
I’m trying to use automation for a particular case, with no luck so far, so I’m looking for some help here finally.
I have several choices for a field, let’s say CompanyA, CompanyB, CompanyC. Now I’ve got another field, providing an URL, which is different for each A,B,C company (so 3 different URLs in this example).
Now if I work on a particular record / line of my base, I’d like the URL cell to be automatically changed with a defined value depending on the company I choose in the Companies field. If I choose Company A, then the URL cell will automatically get the URL - A value, and so on.
Any idea on how to achieve this, please ?

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Hi @Nicolas_Caplat!
You don’t actually need automations for this, though I’m sure someone else can help you with how that is done if that is something you are dead set on.

There’s two ways of doing this without automations.

  1. You can “hard code” it in a formula field.
    If you have a select few companies and e-mail adresses are the only info you need connected to and you are the only person using your base (and it will remain so) you can use a formula field with a SWITCH() function.
SWITCH({Company select field},
	'Company A','',
	'Company B','',
	'Company C',''
  1. New Table, Linked field and a Lookup field.
    The far better option is to make {Company select field} a linked record to a new table where you can store e-mail and all other relevant data connected to each company in. Then you create a Lookup field that looks up the e-mail field in the company table.
    This method is far more stable if you have many companies, more than one user or more than one info point connected to a company.
    It also makes it easier if you have others working with you in the base or if you one day have to hand over your work tasks or your base to someone else.

Formulas also work in a multiple-user environment as well. A formula doesn’t require a single-user environment. You were simply making a suggestion here. (One that is well-founded.)

So, as you already mentioned, a formula is not really the ideal approach here.

@Nicolas_Caplat Since you are new to Airtable, I would highly recommend taking my free Airtable training course which covers linked record fields and lookup fields:

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Correct! I only meant it as advice, things to take into account when choosing method. Both work.
For those learning; “hard coding” things work when you are the one building and using the base. More users open up for people questioning where info comes from, how to add to it, how to update it and in a work place it’s not ideal to have just one person know where everything is “under the hood”. It’s all doable, just not adviceable.

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Good morning all :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks A LOT @momentsgoneby80 and @ScottWorld ! I’ve got many things to work on today, but I’ll try to setup this certainly tomorrow morning. Seems very interesting !!

Thank you very much for your precious help, much appreciated.


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Thanks again, guys, LookUp Fields is exactly what I need !

Cheers :slight_smile:

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