Linking to 2 tables from the primary key - possible?


Hi there,

We’re trying to link 2 sheets together, based on them having the same primary key (a phone number). We’d prefer that they were joined in a third sheet, in case we make any mistakes with our calculations, but this isn’t a hard requirement. Sheets 1 and 2 will be filled in from forms, and we want to aggregate all the data together, based on the phone number/primary key.

Is this possible?

It’s also important that the user manually enters the link field/primary key, as we don’t want people viewing phone numbers of others who have filled in the form.

Many thanks!


Having both tables’ primary keys set to the same value won’t link the two tables. What you could do is define a linked record field in [Table2] linked to [Table1] and then copy-and-paste from [Table2] primary field to the {Link to Table1} field. (I hope that was coherent; this article probably explains it better.) This link-making process could be performed prior to working with the base, at which point all records created since the last time the tables were linked could be linked — which is a long-winded way of saying you can copy/paste an entire column at a time, if you wish.

If you would rather not have this be a manual task, you can automate it using Zapier or similar middleware app. IIRC, this should be a two-step Zap, meaning it can be performed even from a free Zapier account — albeit subject to monthly transaction maximums. If you decide to go that route, in the [Documentation] table of my Wardrobe Manager base you’ll find the Wardrobe Manager Zapier Guide, which provides step-by-step instructions to create an almost identical Zap. Follow those instructions but replace the table and field names with ones appropriate to your needs…

Edit: BTW, I don’t think you need worry about users seeing each other’s phone numbers. The Airtable form view is essentially a one-way flow of data towards the base — tossed in through the transom window, as it were — without the risk (or possibility) of the form querying the base.