Linking to Google Doc files instead of uploading them


Hi, I’m a bit confused and was wondering whether someone can help me. Essentially I want to be able to link to files stored on Google Doc in the Attachments field on Airtable, rather than upload them. Now, when I add a file to the Attachment field, go and change the file in Google docs, it’s not ‘updated’ in Airtable. So, I assume this is because it’s uploading a copy of the file to Airtable, not linking to the Google Docs file.

Is there any way to link to the actual file on Google Drive? I saw there is a Zapier that claims to do this…but it doesn’t seem to actually do that…instead it monitors the Google Drive and creates field entries when new files are created. I just want a simple link to a file hosted on Google Drive.

Is there a simple way to do this that I’m missing?

Thanks for your help.


Personlly I always use the URL link type of field in Airtable. In Google Docs I find the “Get Shareable Link”. RIght click a file in Google Drive, and it will show up in the dropdown menu.
There you can copy the link and paste it in Airtable in the URL field you created. In Google Drive it says: anyone with the link can view the file.



Hi Andre,

Thanks for this. That seems like a good workaround :slight_smile: Appreciate you replying.