Linking to multiple tables in base

so I am trying to create something like easy ERP/CRM for creating orders and have one “small” problem with linking multiple values to the table.

I have:

  • Table with products and prices
  • Table with companies and their info
  • Table with employes that are linked to specific companies (that works)
  • Table with orders
    (here I have a problem)

In that order I am linking to which company it belongs to (so far so good)
But then I want to link one employe that is responsible for it - But only from company that was picked previously. I can’t be mixed from other company.

Now I can Link any company to the order and any employe from any other company to the same order.

Is there any way how to limit that?

Thank you and have a nice day.

Hey Matej,

While you can limit linked records to specific views, it won’t limit per specific Company record. To limit Employees per Company, you’ll need to use a form with this feature.

You can do this with On2Air Forms - an Airtable-specific form product.

Here’s an example of what you’re looking for to display filtered records:

How many companies do you need to account for? There is a way to accomplish this pretty easily with conditional form fields and company-specific views, but it isn’t scalable and will become prohibitive the higher number of companies you are trying to include.

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At least hundreds, if it will work than it wil be thousands really fast.

Ah, I see - Sadly, I do not believe there is a native way to accomplish that. You’re essentially describing a conditional selection limitation. While AT forms have both limitation and conditional capabilities, they do not have them combined!

I would look into the form integration that @Hannah_Wiginton suggested above! I have not used it myself but it does appear to get you much closer to what you’re trying to do

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