Linking to multiple tables with same primary key

Hello, I’m looking for advice on a specific use case: my organization provides training and we need to track when a participant joins a program, when they leave a program, and their attendance at various events. Ideally, this information would be filled out by the participant themselves or a coach via a form, but not all of the information would be known at the same time. However, I would like all of the information to be linked, so that a joining, leaving, and attendance record for the same participant would recognized as the same participant. I believe that this would mean that the primary key for each of these tables should be the participant’s name or a unique id, but I’m not sure how to link multiple tables with the same primary key.

Ideally when filling out an attendance or leaving form, it would be possible to search the list of participants who have joined, rather than manually entering the name (perhaps leading to inexact matches). Is there a way to do this?