Linking to online images + showing the picture


I tried to find earlier postings, and I think I did find one, but oddly enough, nobody responded.
So, let’s try again.

Instead of attaching images to records I would like to add the link to online photo’s. I know I can add a link to a photo (URL), but it won’t show the picture, just the URL!

Is this possible in Airtable?


This isn’t possible in Airtable, and I don’t think it’s something they would add based on their business model. It would constitute a workaround of attachment storage limits that still required Airtable’s servers to bear the brunt of the load in showing you the images you wish to link to, without attaching - their servers would still have to pull and resolve the data making up the image to display it in your table.

Is there a particular reason you’d want to do this, other than avoiding data limits?


No, it’s just data limit.
Adding photo’s to records means the database gets unnecessary big.

For example, when you add photo’s (600x600) to music albums, it will take 100k per picture average. A thousand records means 100Mb.
I would like to avoid that.