Linking two same data from two different base to one base

Hello all,

I’m trying to figure it out for weeks to solve this problem.

Base A : I want to get address data (zip code) + buying rate from this base
Base B : I want to get address data (zip code) + selling rate from this base

Base C: When I write that specific address/zip code and it matches with the address in Base A and Base B, I want to see buying rate and selling rate in separate columns automatically.

So it is like;
zip code base A + zip code base B = buying rate base A + selling rate base B in base C

That would be great if you could help me to solve this issue because I’m about to lose my mind :slight_smile: What is the right way to do it? Is it by a formula? Is it by something else? Please help me.

Thank you.

Hi @nilay_gunay,
AFAIK the only ways to get data from another base are synced base, scripting or custom app over the API.

Have you looked into syncing Bases A and B into Base C. Then using look ups to find the synced data?

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Hm, any reason why they need to be different bases instead of tables in the same base?

Thank you so much! I was looking for the answers in formulas but I synced the table in Base C and just used look up field, AND it worked. Thank you sooooo much!!!

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