Linking with Gravity Forms


Hello - I want to have a form that has different paths depending on your answer, but all link to an Airtable base. Is that possible? I think I need to use Zapier for that, is that correct?

Basically, I do research - so I want the client to be able to choose the type of record they are seeking, and then it will pull up different fields depending on that answer. Once the rest of the form appears, they’ll proceed with their research request and submit it on my website.

On the back end, the Airtable would have a combination of some fields that are awaiting input (e.g. their name, contact information, notes, etc.) and some fields that I already have the choices populated (repository, record type, etc.)

I’m just trying to gut check that this is possible before I go creating. I would use the forms within Airtable alone for an easier solution, but it’s too complicated to include ALL the fields when some are only needed for certain types of records.

Thank for any input!



I first came to Airtable through a project that integrated WordPress and Airtable, using the Divi theme, the Airpress WordPress-to-Airtable, and Caldera, rather than Gravity, forms. I didn’t get all that far into it — Airtable itself kind of distracted me — but what I had completed worked fine. Work seemingly continues on Airpress (its creator, @Chester_McLaughlin , is a regular here). A similar arrangement might answer your survey needs.


Ah, yes - that’s right. Airpress could work? The issue is just that first set of logic that only then drives to the correct set of fields. Otherwise, they get 40 fields when they only need to enter 8.

I’m struggling in general - I am a genealogist do research at the State Archives. There can be requests for about 20 kinds of records that I fairly standard. Initially, I’ve done linked tables for things like the repositories (where the records are located) and the record type pulls from another table, and then I’ve got all the fields. But it’s very unwieldy with all the fields that you don’t need depending on the record time.

I’m wondering if I should make a separate table for each type of record request by a client vs one giant table?

As I said, the problem is that the fields don’t cross over - so they might want me to find a marriage record (needs entries for Groom first, middle, last name, etc) or a something like a legal case (needs a whole different set of fields for names, legal dockets, etc.)

If I set up one table that’s marriage record, one that’s legal case, one for death certificate, etc. and all the identifying fields I need, I’m struggling to link them together. I can’t do it by just client name - the client can make a number of different requests.

Hmmmmm… My inexperience with the complexities of Airtable are fully on the table here!


These are all the things that carry over, regardless of the request.

So I originally had all the fields in one table, but should they be separate and link?

These are the diff types of fields for each record
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate


The native form handler logic, etc., operates as usual; only when it comes time to write the data to the base does Airpress/Airtable become involved.


Ah, got it. So then I might still need something like Gravity Forms to do the tiered logic for the pages with the forms? But it could save me from Zapier application. I’ll check it out - thx!


In case you are still trying to solve this, the way I would approach it is to have a client table, plus 20 reporting tables. The client table joins the marriage table with a unique client key, such as social security number. Likewise divorce table joins the client table, etc. You can find all records for this client by the unique key.

A way for the client to be able to select which form to use would be to build a static web page with a list of links for marriage, divorce, etc. These would link to the various Airtable forms that you made public.

I would start with a client table and 2 specific tables, to test it.
If on the other had, you need the client to enter some information into the database, then based on that info, build a custom list of forms that he is qualified to enter, I don’t know how to do that with Airtable!


Hi there - I am still trying to solve this, actually - thank you for your thoughts. That’s sort of how I thought it would work?

I made it a separate thread, so maybe you could take a look. I can’t ask something like a social though - I was just using auto number - i wish there was a way to alter that (assuming I can’t set it to a set of letters and an integer?)

Here’s the post - now has the forms made so you can see exactly how it works:


I hope you might take a look at the other post - but thinking about it, I realize now what might be the issue - the client doesn’t KNOW the record request assigned to link one form to another if I use that? That’s probably why you suggested social. I might have to use email address and emphasize that they have to enter the same email from the two forms? Hmmmm - Anyway, maybe take a look at my other post to see if more information helps. Thanks! :slight_smile: