List of expert contacts searchable/sortable by ticker symbol

I’m new to Airtable. I’m creating a spreadsheet base of experts and their contact information. Each expert has expertise on certain public companies in the technology sector. Each public company has a ticker symbol (as in, the stock ticker symbol). For example, Dynatrace is DT. Some experts are experts on as many as 15 public companies (so 15 different tickers). What would be the best way to set up this base of expert contacts so that it is highly searchable and sortable by ticker? Let’s say you have 1000 contacts and you want to search for contacts who have expertise on “DT”, the question is how should I go about setting up the columns so that this search functionality works best? Also, in Excel, Excel auto-suggest words that it remembers when you type something in a cell that’s also been typed higher up in that same column. How do I get Airtable to do this? I would ideally want Airtable to suggest “Dynatrace” if I begin typing that word in a cell because it recognizes it from cell higher up in that column. Thanks.

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