List of resources: Mulitple tables to one


Sorry if this is a duplicate question but I couldn’t find a solution to my issue in the documentation or these forums. I have a Base with 3 tables: Books, videos and articles. Each table has its own set of fields and the only field common between them is name and URL. Now I’d like to create a new table with the names and type of all resources i.e. books, videos and articles in a single table but I can’t seem to figure out a way to do that. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


I think you could do that, depending of the configuration of your base, by creating new Linked record fields (you can hide them later if you want), linking your 3 tables to the new one and then pull out the datas you wish to see on your new table with Lookup or Rollup fields.


I think @Suhail_Ghafoor wants to merge the 3 tables, not just linking them. My ideas:

  • Create a new field in every Table (call it Type if you want), and then: fill in the first item (like Article), copy the content, select the entire column by the header and paste (or drag and drop from the first cell)
  • Duplicate one of the tables and rename it to Resources
  • Copy and paste (or export and import) the other tables into the new one


That’s a possibility too :wink::woman_shrugging:


Another idea would be to make one base with lots of fields, and a table that’s a lookup for the types (books, articles, videos).

In the “All View” you can see everything from each of the three categories. In “Book View” you can filter it by the type of media (which is accessed through a lookup field to Media Types table).

Note: I did a Concat formula for Media Title : Type. This is so there is a unique name that can then be a lookup field, should there be a need. Case in point: The Grapes of Wrath is a book, but it’s also a movie. (I don’t know what types of videos your example refers to, but this type of formula allows for that, should it been necessary.)