List out all the values from table1 to table2(no repeats)


Hello, Is there any option to create make one column list out all the values from table1 to table2?

one value per each cell? and would only show up that certain value in the once in table 2?

example if it is already listed above in this same column in table2, it would not show it again even if that same value is added again in table 1?

We are wanting to do an automatic summary in table 2 while we add more data on table 1

Thanks :smiley:


The basic idea you are after is possible, but it requires using Linked records. You have to create a relationship between the records in Table 1 and the record(s) in Table 2, and this is done with a “Linked record field”.

Based on your screenshot, it sounds like you’ll want your 2nd Table to represent your Page Names. You’ll need a record for each Page Name. Then, back in Table 1, instead of entering a Page Name as text in a text field, you’ll enter it into a “Link to another record” field, as a linked record to that Page Name in the Page Names table.

Doing this will allow you to get summaries of how many times a Page Name is used in Table 1 via Rollup fields or Count fields.

Here’s a simple little demo base to show you the concept – not sure if it actually does what you are looking for or not, but perhaps it will push you in the right direction:

You can copy that base into your own workspace by clicking the “Copy base” button in the top right corner while viewing it – once copied, you will be able to view the formulas and field setups.

Hopefully that helps!