Little help on changing field type within a formula column

Hy Guys,

We’re trying to do a formula in order to create a new graph within our dahsboard. However it keeps telling us that:
=> Y-axis field “Pourcentage_retard” is not numeric

The formula that we’re using is:
=> IF(nb_intervention=0, “0”, inter_retard/nb_intervention)

I’m wondering if a need to add a formula to switch to numeric.

Thanks in advance!

is inter_retard/nb_intervention a single field or two?

  1. You need to add {} around field names.
  2. I do NOT know if a slash is allowed in field names. (I bet it is.)
  3. if inter_retard is text (not a field name), it should be “inter_retard”&{nb_intervention}
    Good luck!

Hello ! Thanks for your help. Actually I found it. I put a string around 0 => “0”. By taking of it, now it’s ok.