Loading data from a database into Airtable



I’ve just setup a trial Airtable environment.

My use case is that I would like to do the following

  1. Copy data from a database (SQL) and load it into Airtable.
  2. Copy data from a CSV (pipe delimited) file and load it into Airtable

The above needs to be scheduled to run hourly.

What is the best approach for loading this scenario?



Hey Peter, I would like to know Point #2
Why do you need to delimit the CSV file exported. Please let me know


Point 2 is I want to import a CSV file that has been generated from another database the database process has generated a pipe delimited file


If you’re on a Pro plan I would suggest you sign up for the CSV Import Block beta - it may suit your needs - here’s a link to the help:

I’m not sure whether it will deal with the pipe delimiting - but you could always use search and replace in a text editor to change that to a comma.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:
In case you need help on data migration, can assist you

Have a nice day!!!