Lock Checkbox until some requirements are met

Hello, hope anyone can help me with this question,

I have 4-5 checkbox fields. I will name them for easy understanding of what I am trying to achieve.
Checkbox 1
Checkbox 2
Checkbox 3
Is it possible by any means to “lock” Checkbox 2 and Checkbox 3 until the previous one(Checkbox 1) is ticked? And it continues, lock checkbox 3 until the previous(Checkbox 1 and 2) are ticked.

Hope I can get some help :wink:
Thank you

Hi @Lercio_Pinto - you can’t lock fields, but you could create a visual alert (using a formula field) to show when fields have been checked in error or in the wrong sequence:

Formula here is:

IF(AND({Checkbox 2}, NOT({Checkbox 1})), '❌❌❌❌')



Hello Jonathan, thank you for taking your time to answer.

Ah, I forgot a little(very important) detail. I have an integration with Zapier that when a checkbox is filled it sends an email.
So that wouldn’t exactly work. I am using this for a “car preparation” process, and the goal is to facilitate the job of the person responsible in approving/not approving vehicles.

Do you think I could look at this any other way?
Thanks once more.

Ahh…OK. So could you do this:

The Zap runs off “new record in view” I’m guessing? Just set a series of views:

Checkbox 1 - when checkbox 1 is checked
Checkbox 1 & 2 - when both are checked. If someone checks checkbox 2 first, it won’t appear in the view, so won’t send the email via Zapier. Only when both are checked (even in the wrong order) does the email get sent.


In every email show the status of all checkboxes, so that if 2 is checked first, the person getting the email can also see that checkbox 1 is still unchecked.

Not sure if either will work with your process though.

Hello again Jonathan,
I won’t work because of this:
Part 1 - Sales person(all documents, customer data for the sale to occur)
Part 2 - Car preparation(vehicle check and ready to deliver)
Physically, the car is moved to part 2 of the process, but the vehicle can’t be ready to deliver if documents are missing. That is why I wanted to only allow checkbox 2 if checkbox 1 had been ticked. (when I say documents, there are other steps, I just made it simple for you to understand)

I think I am not going to get this one easy eh? :smiley:

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