Lock dashboard to particular table or view

Would like to be able to lock a dashboard of blocks to a particular table so that it always shows up when users are in that table but also shows up only in that table?

A simple example would be having a dashboard with the CSV import block that would always and only appear in a “People” table of contacts (but would be useless in a project management table).

I’d also like this feature. I’m using Airtable to consolidate records for various different job roles, and ideally I’d like someone in, say, an Editorial role to see the editorial dashboard by default when they open the editorial table… and to be able to do the same for someone in an Advertising role.

I realise they can just select the dashboard now, but this isn’t quite the same from a usability point of view.

Basically I want to “associate” a dashboard to a table, so that when the user switches to that table’s tab, their dashboard changes automatically.