Locked or Uneditable fields except via the API


I update some fields dynamically using the API. I would like those fields to be uneditable or locked except via the API.

For example, I manage a base called Trips. One of the fields is called “participant count”. Using a cron-driven script, I update that field regularly via the API. I would prefer that no other users could then modify that field.


Hey Chester,

You can give your collaborators “edit only” permissions, which prevents them from editing columns:

Will this work for you?


Not for this use case. I was looking for more granular permissions—however not critical at this time.


We also have this feature request. We have scripts which update (or read from) fields dynamically with the API. It’s quite a pain when another team member renames a column, causing our scripts to break. This has happened several times already. It would be useful to be able to lock or make a column read only, so that it prevents accidental renaming or editing of values.


+1. Columns hidden from GUI would be great too.


Hi there, you can already hide columns from views: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/202624989-Guide-to-views#hide_columns


I’m aware and I should have been more clear. :grin:

Those columns are always available whenever the user starts entering new data in record mode or on iOS for example.

Thanks anyway!