Locked view: collaborator option

As the base collaborator, (sole owner, responsible party, department head, etc.) it would be helpful to make changes to the locked view. Yes, it’s quick to switch the view over, but it’s annoying to do this every single time, even when minor changes are needed. For instance, changing the size of a table. To attempt the change, then realize it’s locked, then We have asked no personal views are made on a specific table due to the fields not relevant to their role in the company. If I have to change the locked view to personal or collaborator every time even a minor change is needed this opens the risk of others following suit and making changes on the whim.

I also would love to prevent users from creating a personal view. One of my team members assumes the “lock” means the page is locked (yes, I’ve told him a million times but well…I’ll let your imagination run with that one) so he creates a personal view unlocks hidden fields and fills in the info necessary. problem is - he skips multiple steps and upload in the wrong area because he is using a personal view. Not to mention the ability to unhide information that was hidden and on a locked human resources table.

These features would definitely be nice in Airtable. In the meantime, you might want to check out Stacker — it gives you a new web-based interface to your Airtable database, where you have complete control over what users can see, what they can edit, and what they can create in your system.

Thank you. I’ve looked into Stacker before and it looks great to help avoid the issues I’m having, it’s just pricy for our small team.