Locked View issue

For business purposes I need to share certain bases with clients while not wanting them to see certain fields. i know I can hide these which is great. The issue is that they have the link to eat and whenever I want to keep working on the hidden fields (add on to those) they still will be able to see that if they login at the same time as it is funcitoning as a live stream in read only mode? Any way I can work on a locked view as the owner while read only viewers or people with the link to it still only see the previous screen?


Hi @simon_schneider,

Depending on what it is that you’re updating, I would consider copying my base and give them read only access to that base. That way, you can continue to edit yours as you see fit and when you’re done with updates, simply copy/paste them over. This, of course, would only work if you’re working on the data and not the structure of the base.