Locking of 'Bugs' category

Not sure if this was intentional or not, but currently it appears to be impossible to create a new topic within ‘Bugs.’

If it is intentional, while I understand the desire to funnel true bug reports to the support email address, the ‘Bugs’ forum is an invaluable resource when trying to determine whether a seeming issue is or is not actually a bug. It also offers a place for other users to suggest workarounds and helps prevent wasted effort resulting from redundant bug reports. (Given the number of ‘bugs’ posts recently reclassified as 'product suggestion’s where the OP has subsequently responded to say he or she still considers the reported issue a product defect, the forum could also help align Airtable and user expectations.) Finally, it gives Airtable a place to report on bugs fixed — essential, given the current lack of release notes or similar documentation.of software changes or updates.

If it isn’t intentional, I look forward to it being fixed, as there is an issue with COUNTALL() I’d like to document.

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just confirming that it was intentional. they locked it during the reorganization of the forum.

Hey Van Hall! It is intentional. The forum isn’t the best method for reporting bugs, so we’re eliminating the category all together soon. You’re certainly welcome to discuss bugs in the Ask the Community section and share workarounds with other users, but we want to intentionally discourage reporting bugs from taking place on the forum. The best way to get an update when a bug is fixed, is to report it to Support and they’ll reach out when the fix is in place. :slightly_smiling_face:

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