Locking the Order of Fields for a Table in ALL Views

We should have an option to lock the positioning of the fields in a table in ALL views that are created.

If you have a ton of fields and views in a table (say like 50 fields and 14 views), and you want to add/subtract fields to modify the data in it, it because very cumbersome to make sure the fields in each and every view are organized in the correct/logical order.

Some tables don’t require the fields to be in unique/custom orders. It’d be nice to have an option/button that we can turn on/off for a table to force all fields in be placed in the same order. If you adjust the position of “Field 2” in “View 4”, then it’ll automatically update the position of Field 2 in the other 13 views in that table so you don’t have to manually drill into each view and drag Field 2 into the desired position.

As tables generate tons of fields/data, this feature would really come in handy and save alot of time.


I completely agree. We run an entire departments case management through one base and it gets out of hand quickly at scale. GREAT suggestion.